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Green Pod growth chamber


Product Description

Green PODs™ are controlled environment growth chambers, offering a flexible alternative to traditional greenhouses.

G-CON, an industry leader in modular built facilities for biomanufacturing, introduces its latest groundbreaking innovation, Green PODs. Green PODs represent a cost-efficient and flexible alternative to traditional growth chambers and greenhouses for a wide variety of applications including:
• Plant Growth Research
• Small Scale Plant Production
• Tissue Culture Production
• Vertical Farm Trials
• Proof of Concept Projects

Green PODs are completely self-contained, meaning that even conventional warehouse construction or “grey space” can provide the support and environmental conditions necessary for operation.

Growth chamber modules are constructed from a welded aluminum frame providing tremendous structural integrity and a long service life. Each unit is multi-tiered, easily transportable and customizable to meet specific needs.

Green PODs utilize HVAC systems to provide environmental parameters designed to your specifications within a uniform performance range.


Green POD™ Specifications

7’W x 12’L x 8’H
(2.13m x 3.66m x 2.44m)

Production Area
3 tiers per side (2’ x 8’ each)

Temperature Range
65⁰F – 90⁰F ± 5⁰F

Light Duration
24 hour control

30% – 60%

Electrical Requirement
Single 50 amp outlet

Delivery Time
Approx. 4 weeks

Customized systems are available.


Hort Americas Green Pod Video from C Higgins on Vimeo.


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