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Philips Greenpower LED Research Modules



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9290 006 32003

GreenPower LED research module DR

9290 006 32203

GreenPower LED research module B

9290 006 32103

GreenPower LED research module FR

9290 008 43003

GreenPower LED research module W

9290 004 83903

Philips LGM Mounting Bracket


Philips 100W Driver


Philips End Caps

9290 004 79003

Philips LGM Dimming Unit

9290 004 62603

Philips Extension Cable


Philips Xtend



With GreenPower LED Research Modules, you can decide for yourself how much red, blue and farred light you want
at any given moment and the module’s dimming capability allows you to set the exact level of light you require. With
this flexibility, you can truly tune the light to meet the specific needs of each crop or research project. Red and blue are the most important colors for crop growth, while far-red – barely visible to the human eye – influences the development of specific plant characteristics. These modules are designed to operate with the Philips LED power driver to ensure optimal performance. Lights can be strung together using a connector piece that is sold separately.
They are designed for a shelf width of 19.5” Dimensions: 19” L x 1.3” W x 0.79” H Dimming unit dimensions: 2” L x 0.79” W x 0.6” H

PDF: Quick Installation Guide: Philips GreenPower LED module

PDF: Philips Greenpower LED Module

PDF: Philips Lighting Capital enables us to use state-of-the-art Lighting

PDF: Philips Greenpower Lighting Overview

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Research Modules

100W Driver, Blue, Deep Red, End Caps, Extension Cable, Far Red, LGM Dimming Unit, LGM Mounting Bracket, Philips Xtend, PLC, White


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