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LED Lighting from Philips

As we said at the beggining of the month, Hort Americas is very excited about the new LED technology soon to release in the North American Horticulture, Hydroponic and Urban Agriculture Markets. Advancements in technology such as this are sure to change the opportunities for vertical farming! See the a quote from Philips. “Solid-state LED […]

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Philips to Introduce LED Technology at OFA Short Course

In recent years there has been quite a bit of hype regarding LED technology and it eventual impact on artificial lighting in the horticulture industry. And in most cases, that is all that it was…hydpe! We, at Hort Americas, believe that this may finally be changing.  In 2010 and 2011 we anticipate  there will be studies, data […]

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Village Farms information Video

At Hort Americas we do not normally promote our customers businesses, but there are times when our customers do some things we think others should see. Village Farms created a promotional video that does a good job of show casing and explaning greenhouse vegetable production at a very high level.  (I feel I must say, we are […]

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Bato’s Full Orchid Accessory Offering

In February of this year (2010) Bato Plastics BV “took over a substantial part” of the JOBU Plastics BV assortment. This allows for both Bato and Jobu to focus on their specialties. Check out some of the products now offered by Bato. Orchid Lock Orchid Peg Label Lock Label Holder Twister Bato is still offering […]

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Greenhouse Sanitation key for Commercial Growers

As any good greenhouse production consultant, greenhouse extension agent or land grant university will tell you . . . efficient, thorough and effective Greenhouse Sanitation Programs is necessary in order reduce your exposure to insects, disease, bacteria, viruses and possibly viroids.  A well thought out program will also improve your fruit and flower quality while […]

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Focus on Water

As recently stated in our website, Hort Americas is focused on helping growers conserve one of their most precious commodities…WATER. A hot and popular topic with the media (see this months National Geographic), politicians (see Rueters) and with business men (see T. Boone Pickens), water is already heavily debated and will more than likely play […]

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The Future of Growing with Tim Blank

www.futuregrowing.comLast week Hort Americas had the pleasure of visiting with a visionary from with-in the commercial Hydroponic Industry. Tim Blank of Future Growing Tim Blank of Future Growing, LLC (formerly working with Hydroponics for Disney’s Epcot theme park in Orlando) is committed to further developing Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture.  His primary driver is to […]

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Hort America’s starting to offer product videos online

Check out new videos from Hort Americas Pellikaan Hooks Pellikaan Hooks Pellikaan Hooks Weterings Crop Removal Systems Visit our corporate website at

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Used Horticultural Equipment

With the current global economic conditions, it has become evident that many commercial greenhouses have become very cautious with their investments. Due to this there has been a lot of interest in used horticultural equipment. Hort Americas is working with many different groups to provide as many options as possible. If you are interested in […]

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A Busy January 2010!

As is normal, January has been a very busy and productive month.  January has also brought a great deal of changes to the Hort Americas product portfolio. TPIE 2010 First was our visit to the Tropical Plant Industry Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In this video from TPIE 2009 you can see what the show […]

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Can Farming Save a City?

Fortune Magazine post an interesting question? Can Farming save Detroit? What do you think?  We think Agriculture will go thru many changes as it continues to cope with changing expectations regarding:  Sustainability, Climate, Natural Resources and Population. But, we are not sure that it will save cities…unless that is that the expectations within those cities […]

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Happy New Years from the Hort Americas! Click on the Image Below to see the Hort Americas Wordle. Images of Wordles Visit our corporate website at

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University of Florida IFAS Extension provides a great source for Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Summary – Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook, Vol 11 G. J. Hochmuth2 It should be keenly apparent to the prospective greenhouse vegetable grower that some formidable difficulties exist. Greenhouse vegetable production involves much expense and a great amount of risk. During the decision process, the potential new grower must understand and decide if the risks […]

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2010 Commercial Horticulture Trade Show Schedule

International Trade Shows Calendar of Events held in 2010 2010– Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Dates Event Topic Venue Country 2010  January ’10 Event Topic Venue Country 12-14 Jan Sival Vine & Wine Angers France 13-14 Jan Dan-Gar-Tek Gardening & Garden Equipment Odense Denmark 13-14 Jan Agro-Mashov Agri-Horticulture Tel Aviv Israel 13-16 Jan Agriflanders Agri-Horticulture Ghent Belgium 14-16 Jan TPIE […]

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Climate Minder is one of the new products Hort Americas is working with.  Climate Minder is a wireless environment control greenhouse computer system. Read about them at Earth Times.,983164.shtml Visit our corporate website at

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Come see us at the University of Arizona CEAC Short Course. Need help with the production of hydroponic greenhouse crops visit Visit our corporate website at

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Food security, safety and availability!

NOVEMBER 18, 2009 More Households Request Food Aid By SCOTT KILMAN and ROGER THUROW The U.S. Agriculture Department said Monday the number of households that reported struggling to buy enough food in 2008 jumped 31% over the previous year.According to the USDA’s annual poll, 17 million U.S. households reported some degree of food insecurity in […]

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