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Dr. A.J. Both - Rutgers University

Voices of Horticulture: Dr. A.J. Both, Rutgers University

“The Horticulture Light Label” Dr. A. J. Both outlines the need for a standard horticulture lighting label and proposes a “Quick Facts Horticulture Lighting Label.”   Research Articles: Hort Americas Blog – Discussing LED Lights A.J. on YouTube:

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Monitoring is crucial for growing lettuce and leafy greens year round

Since lettuce and leafy greens have short production cycles, greenhouse growers need to stay focused if they want to be successful growing these crops year round. The increasing demand for locally-grown vegetables is causing more field vegetable growers, ornamental plant growers and new growers to look at trying to satisfy this market. Cornell University horticulture […]

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Grodan’s Stone Wool Substrate

As a commercial hydroponic grower, it is important to be able to promote the production of high quality vegetables, grown in a clean and sustainable environment.  Produced from pure basalt rock, Grodan’s Stone Wool Substrate (also commonly known as Rockwool) is of the highest of grades, promoting uniform wetting and providing excellent drainage. Grodan’s proprietary […]

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Green Sense Radio invites Chris Higgins to look at the Latest in Green Agriculture

Growing Green with Chris Higgins of Urban Ag News, Singularity University, HP’s Deforestation Goals Aug. 7, 2016  Chris Higgins of Urban Ag News and Hort Americas joins us for our feature, a look at the latest in green agriculture, Growing Green. He’ll tell us about the new Agrihood trend. Singularity University is a benefit corporation […]

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Riococo Coco Coir Substrates

As an organic crop producer, you seek to optimally balance air, water and nutrients in order to attain maximum yields. Hort Americas supports your efforts by bringing you Riococo’s award-winning Coco Coir Substrates. With excellent water/nutrient retention and distribution, you can guarantee your root structure will receive the proper amount of aeration. Riococo controls the […]

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Taking LEDs to the next level

McGill University bioresource engineer Mark Lefsrud said it’s time to take plant research and production to a higher level with LEDs. Much of the research that has been done with LEDs for the last 50 years has been conducted with low light levels. “The biggest research area right now is with LEDs at high intensities […]

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Pre-Empt Organic Hydroponic Nutrients

Proudly brought to the commercial Hydroponic and Organic grower by Hort Americas and specifically developed for recirculating NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), the Pre-Empt Hydroponic Nutrient is packed with the essential micro and macro nutrients, amino acids and vitamins your plants hunger for! Pre-Empt goes through a FIVE stage fermenting process which is above and beyond […]

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Dean Kopsell greenhouse University Tennessee

Voices of Horticulture: Dean Kopsell, University of Tennessee

  Dean Kopsell, University of Tennessee Eating marigold petals Dr. Dean Kopsell talks about why we should eat marigold petals and what his students found to be the best red to blue ratio for peak carotenoid concentrations. Dean is a professor at the University of Tennessee and has studied an eclectic range of crops including […]

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Urban Ag News Online Magazine Issue 14 is live

At Hort Americas, we are proud to be sponsors of Urban Ag News. They continue to produce great articles on urban agriculture and vertical farming including technology and innovation. We hope you enjoy their latest issue as much as we do! Urban Ag News Issue 14  |  July 2016 Urban Ag News Issue 14 cover story […]

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GE is ready to rock in the horticulture lighting industry

GE Horticultural LED Lighting Whether you are growing leafy greens and herbs or starting up fruiting crops like tomatoes or peppers, GE Horticultural LED Lighting from Hort Americas can help insure you get maximum yields! GE provides utility lighting and more. The new Horticulture LED Batten (light strip) is designed to facilitate indoor farming by […]

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Gioia Massa NASA lettuce

Voices of Horticulture: Dr. Gioia Massa, NASA

  Dr. Gioia Massa, “Veggie” Scientist at the Kennedy Space Station, NASA “NASA’s Veggie and Space Kids” Dr. Gioia Massa is a plant scientist in NASA’s Veggie program which aims to grow plants in the International Space Station (ISS). Gioia is a Future Farmers of America (FFA) alumni and has grown her early love for plants to […]

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Riococo Closed Bottom Organic Plug used for Lettuce

An OMRI-certified option for organic and hydroponic growing

Riococo Closed Bottom Organic Plug For the Organic or Hydroponic grower seeking an OMRI-Certified option for fast and effective seed germination, plug and transplant production for leafy greens and culinary herbs, Hort Americas brings you the Riococo Closed Bottom Organic Plug (CBOP). Whether you grow in 1020 trays, grow bags, nutrient film technique (NFT), raft […]

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University of Florida Nutrient Management Course

Online fertilizer training course from University of Florida begins on July 18

The online course “Nutrient Management (Level 1)/Manejo de Nutrientes (Nivel 1)” offered by University of Florida IFAS Extension (UF) helps growers make better crop management decisions. This course is designed for US and international growers that have practical experience or entry university level, and are in production, technical or sales roles. The course is offered […]

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Kevin Folta University of Florida

Are you using social media to promote your brand, your industry?

Kevin Folta, chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida, said more researchers, farmers and students need to be using social media to promote themselves, their research and their industries.   Kevin Folta, professor and chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida, has been writing online blogs since […]

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Solving the Hydroponic Fertilizer Equation

Hort Americas Hydroponic Fertilizer It is quite common for both start-up and experienced commercial hydroponic growers to feel they need a math degree when it comes to calculating the necessary micro and macro elements of their water soluble fertilizer. Hort Americas has solved the equation with their specially formulated 9-7-37 Hydroponic Fertilizer.  Hort Americas has developed this […]

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Voices of Horticulture: Bruce Bugbee, Utah State University

  Dr. Frits Went and the Pursuit of the McCree Curve Dr. Bruce Bugbee of Utah State University was the opening speaker at the 2016 International Society for Horticulture Science Symposium on Light in Horticulture. Dr. Bugbee talks candidly with me about how understanding history can give us a keen insight into today’s botanical questions […]

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Direct-to-consumer food sales could help growers succeed

A study of data collected in the 2007 and 2012 Census of Agriculture shows that direct-to-consumer sales could help growers remain in business longer. In January 2015 a group of economists at the USDA-Economic Research Service released the publication “Trends in U.S. Local and Regional Food Systems: A Report to Congress”. The purpose of the […]

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Meeting the demand for locally grown ethnic produce

Rutgers University researchers are studying the viability of growing ethnic specialty crops in greenhouses and hoop houses for local and regional sales. While consumer demand for organic products continues to increase so does the demand for locally grown produce. USDA reports that industry data estimates that U.S. local food sales totaled at least $12 billion in 2014, […]

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University of Florida offers online greenhouse training courses

Growers at all levels of experience can benefits from four week courses. For the second year, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension will be offering online training courses in English and Spanish starting on May 30. The courses are to be geared towards helping grower staffs make better crop management decisions. […]

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Building a Hydroponic Fertilizer for Leafy Greens, Herbs and Lettuces

Building a Hydroponic Fertilizer for Leafy Greens, Herbs and Lettuces

Hydroponic Fertilizers. Part 3. This is part 3 in the 3 part series on hydroponic fertilizers from Hort Americas. This video focuses on how to build and adjust a hydroponic fertilizer formula based on the quality of your source water. Fertilizer formulas mentioned in this video are specific to leafy greens, culinary herbs and lettuces. […]

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