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Celina Gómez, environmental horticulture professor at University of Florida, said knowing the solar DLI will determine a grower’s need for supplemental lighting.
Photos courtesy of Celina Gómez, Univ. of Fla.

Growers, researchers learning how, where and when to use supplemental lighting

Before growers invest in supplemental lighting they need to determine the impact of natural light levels on their crops. One of the things that University of Florida horticulture professor Celina Gómez tries to reinforce with growers when talking about supplemental lighting is the importance of the daily light integral. Daily light integral is the sum […]

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How popular are LED lights?

Using only a fraction of the electricity that traditional bulbs use, LED Light Bulbs are becoming increasingly more and more popular each day. Whether you are a home owner or a commercial property owner, there is an obvious incentive to install them – both for cost savings and a reduced impact on the environment. On […]

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