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Celina Gómez, environmental horticulture professor at University of Florida, said knowing the solar DLI will determine a grower’s need for supplemental lighting.
Photos courtesy of Celina Gómez, Univ. of Fla.

Growers, researchers learning how, where and when to use supplemental lighting

Before growers invest in supplemental lighting they need to determine the impact of natural light levels on their crops. One of the things that University of Florida horticulture professor Celina Gómez tries to reinforce with growers when talking about supplemental lighting is the importance of the daily light integral. Daily light integral is the sum […]

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University of Florida Nutrient Management Course

Online fertilizer training course from University of Florida begins on July 18

The online course “Nutrient Management (Level 1)/Manejo de Nutrientes (Nivel 1)” offered by University of Florida IFAS Extension (UF) helps growers make better crop management decisions. This course is designed for US and international growers that have practical experience or entry university level, and are in production, technical or sales roles. The course is offered […]

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University of Florida offers online greenhouse training courses

Growers at all levels of experience can benefits from four week courses. For the second year, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension will be offering online training courses in English and Spanish starting on May 30. The courses are to be geared towards helping grower staffs make better crop management decisions. […]

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Plant factories continue to evolve

As technology improves, plant factories have the potential to operate in the U.S. and Canada to produce crops that are difficult to grow using current conventional methods. By David Kuack When you hear the term “plant factory” what picture comes to mind? University of Florida professor and mechanical engineer John Schueller said the traditional definition […]

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Organic fertilizers provide option to grow more sustainably

Organic fertilizers offer growers another tool for producing their crops with more sustainable inputs. By David Kuack Growers of both food and ornamental crops are facing increased scrutiny regarding their production practices from the pesticides they apply to the amount of water and energy they use. In October, Whole Foods Market launched its Responsibly Grown […]

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Using LEDs to manipulate plant growth, characteristics

With the ability to deliver specific light wavelengths with LED lights, growers, retailers and consumers could eventually manipulate the scent, color, flavor, postharvest life and other characteristics of ornamental and edible crops. By David Kuack Both ornamental and edible plant growers are using supplemental lighting. Some use light to control photoperiod. Others use supplemental light […]

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