BioBee USA and Hort Americas partner to bring growers biologically-based IPM

BioBee Biological Systems, headquartered in Sde Eliyaho, Israel, is at the forefront of implementing biologically-based integrated pest management (IPM) solutions in controlled environment agriculture and open-field production systems. BioBee USA, a subsidiary of BioBee, headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., has partnered with horticultural supplier Hort Americas in Bedford, Texas, to work together to educate and provide greenhouse growers, vertical farmers, indoor agriculturalists and hydroponic growers with a wide range of biological control products.

BioBee has developed protocols for the integration of its beneficial insects and mites with selective pesticides under strict pest monitoring programs. These protocols can be used by conventional and organic growers of vegetables, fruits and ornamentals.

“BioBee believes that insects are the future,” said Rami Ben Dor, general manager at BioBee USA. “We are inspired by nature when we integrate our beneficial insects and beneficial nematodes into our growers’ IPM programs based on our 35 years of field experience and research and development.”

BioBee offers a variety of biological controls for some of the most common pests that infest both edible and ornamental crops, including spider mites, western flower thrips, sweet potato whitefly, aphids and leaf miners.

“Hort Americas has been looking to add biological controls and beneficial insects to its catalog for a few years,” said Chris Higgins, general manager at Hort Americas. “There has been an increasing demand for greenhouse-grown, pesticide-free products.”

Hort Americas partners with leading suppliers of commercial horticultural products from around the world to serve North American professional greenhouse and indoor growers with the latest technologically advanced products.


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