Grodan new whitepaper on mineral wool efficiency

Is there scientific proof that growing on mineral wool is more efficient in use of fertilizers than in soil or in organic substrates?

Grodan explains the answer in their whitepaper on growing media and the efficient use of nutrients.

Some highlights:

  • One of the 15 global challenges formulated by the Millennium Project is “How can population growth and resources be brought into balance?“ One aspect of this challenge is improving the use efficiency of global resources.
  • These nutrients, e.g. phosphorus, potassium and others, are just as important to agriculture as water. For example, a lack of availability and accessibility of phosphorus is an emerging problem that threatens our capacity to feed the global population.
  • Growing on Grodan systems is highly efficient in terms of fertilizer consumption per unit of crop grown when compared to conventional production in soil or other substrates.

Click here to read the whitepaper