Riococo Coco Coir Substrates

As an organic crop producer, you seek to optimally balance air, water and nutrients in order to attain maximum yields. Hort Americas supports your efforts by bringing you Riococo’s award-winning Coco Coir Substrates. With excellent water/nutrient retention and distribution, you can guarantee your root structure will receive the proper amount of aeration.

Riococo controls the intrusion of contaminants and salts into their coir materials during collection and processing by implementing a stringent quality control system. This aids in maintaining the product’s consistency and uniformity. Riococo maintains detailed documentation for every product from its origin to final destination.

  • Easy Propagation
  • 100% Bio-degradable Natural Coir Fiber
  • OMRI-Certified
  • Optimal chemical properties, including mineral ion concentration and pH
  • Technical Properties Chart


Riococo has obtained an ISO 9001:2008 Certificate which shows the company’s adherence to quality management practices. In becoming certified, Ricococo has been certified to satisfy requirements of ISO 9001:2008 with respect to the management system governing the service provided to organic crop growers world-wide.


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