Pre-Empt: An organic hydroponic fertilizer

Organic hydroponics is possible! We can implement organic practices for hydroponic systems by using nutrient solutions derived from organic plant and animal material or naturally mined compounds. In order to certify the organic origin for a product you must look for OMRI-listed products. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a private, nonprofit organization that determines whether or not a product qualifies as organic under the USDA’s National Organic Program.

Pre-Empt is a OMRI-listed product that can completely replace conventional hydroponic fertilizer programs. Pre-Empt was developed for recirculating hydroponic systems growing crops such as lettuce, leafy greens, basil and other herbs. This fertilizer is created through five stages of fermentation processes that incorporate molasses with other natural plant extracts. This process packs Pre-Empt with essential macro- and micro-nutrients, amino acids like humic and fulvic acid, as well as an array of vitamins which build a full spectrum of nutrients.

Our research has shown that Pre-Empt does not need to have any pH adjusters added to the product in order for the plants to receive optimum nutrient absorption, although some wells may vary in alkalinity and may require adjustment. Citric acid is a commonly used product to lower the pH if needed. PreEmpt organic hydroponic nutrients can be used in conjunction with other products including other fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides. This product can be used in conjunction with a solution grade organic gypsum (calcium sulfate) and magnesium sulfate.


  • OMRI listed complete organic nutrient package
  • Derived from all natural plant extracts
  • Improves Ion exchange between plants and water
  • Elements are in colloidal form
  • Includes a vitamin complex
  • Can be used with supplemental fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides
  • Around a pH of 4, which reduces amount of pH Down required
  • Can completely replace conventional nutrient programs for certain crops (call for details)
  • Can reduce overall plant cycle (seedling to harvest)
    • Basil growers have experienced harvest 5 days earlier than with conventional program
  • Growers have been able to go 90 days between reservoir changes (and possibly beyond)
  •     When used properly, it won’t clog 1/4″ emitters which is very rare for an organic fertilizer.

We strongly suggest pairing Pre-Empt with Terra Bella, a root microbe inoculant, to naturally promote the uptake of nitrogen and other essential nutrients for plant growth. TerraBella’s highly concentrated blend of microbes naturally promotes uptake of nitrogen and other essential nutrients for plant health. The combination of aerobic and anaerobic microbes in Terra Bella works throughout the root zone to increase crop yield and resistance to disease and pests. 

Crops and hydroponic systems recommended for the use of Pre-Empt

Pre-Empt is considered a complete formula to use in recirculating hydroponic production for leafy greens in NFT, DWC and Ebb and Flow systems. The use of this product for open systems may not be ideal due to operational cost.

Due to nutritional content, Pre-Empt can possibly be required to be supplemented with other nutrients such as calcium when used for vine crops such as tomatoes. Organic solution grade gypsum and silica may be used in order to increase Ca levels.  The nutrient content alone from Pre-Empt can promote vegetative growth for fruiting crops.

How to use Pre-Empt:

As we mentioned before we recommend pairing the use of Pre-Empt with Terra Bella. In order to create the final nutrient solution for your system, the following steps should be followed:

Creating a 300 gallons nutrient solution:

  • Removing chlorine from tap water (City water): In case you are working with tap water, we recommend eliminating chlorine in order to improve source water quality. To remove chlorine for a 300 gallon nutrient solution we need to add 1 oz molasses to a 5 gallon bucket with water. After this step you should let water sit for 1 day.
  • Mixing the inoculant: For Terrabella is recommended to add 2oz of product per 5 gallons of inoculant. After this step you should let the inoculant sit for 1 day. 1 gallon of inoculant can be used in 60 gallons of nutrient solution. It may also be a good idea to add in an airstone for this step.
  • Creating final nutrient recipe: For Pre-Empt is recommended to add the product until your EC is 1 above your source water EC. This will take approximately 1 oz of Pre-Empt per gallon. For a 300 gallon nutrient solution about 300 oz (2.4 gallons)
  • Adding inoculant: The inoculant should be added once the EC levels are checked and Pre-Empt is already in balance. Remember, 1 gallon of inoculant can be used in 60 gallons of nutrient solution.
  • Avoiding unwanted bacteria in your system: In order to avoid development of anaerobic bacteria we must keep our reservoir with good oxygen levels (From 7 to 30 ppm oxygen).
  • Maintenance: You must maintain your target EC (1 above your source water EC). In order to maintain EC, water levels should be monitored so we can replace water evaporated and taken up by plants. Also more fertilizer (Pre-Empt) must be added regularly in order to maintain nutrient levels. A great advantage of this product is that with Pre- Empt there is no need to adjust pH. It is really easy to use!