Voices of Horticulture: Marc van Iersel


Marc van Iersel, Professor of Horticulture crop physiology and nutrition


Lighting collaboration with PhytoSynthetix
Smart Lights Communicate with Plants – Seed World




Program Area: Agriculture & Natural Resources

Department of Horticulture
University of Georgia
1111 Plant Science Building
Athens, GA 30602

Email: mvanier@uga.edu
Phone: (706) 583-0284



Affordable Soil Moisture Sensors – Launch


Publications by Marc van Iersel

A Multiple Chamber Semicontinuous Crop Carbon Dioxide Exchange System Design Calibration and Data Interpretation

An Adaptive Control Approach for Light emitting Diode Lights Can Reduce the Energy Costs of Supplemental Lighting in Greenhouses

EC and pH

Elongation of Hibiscus acetosella Under Well watered and Drought stressed Conditions fertilizer guidelines for bedding plants

Injectors Made Easy

JASHS 2016, Chlorophyll Fluorescence based Biofeedback Managing Fertilization of Bedding Plants A Comparison of Constant Fertilizer Concentrations versus Constant Leachate Electrical Conductivity

Monitoring and Controlling Ebb and flow Subirrigation with Soil Moisture Sensors