30MHz People Counter

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Monitor people flow in real-time

Track occupancy and movement in any facility.

This sensor is designed to monitor people flow in a space with up to 98% accuracy, even in crowded spaces. Cover multiple counting points with a single sensor, separate counting results for adults and children, and prevent false counts by detecting non-human objects Track up to 8 individual zones, monitoring fill level, dwell time and wait time per zone.

This sensor combines two optical lenses to determine whether people or objects are moving within the selected field.

People Counter

Track occupancy and movement in any facility. Mounting height differs per sensor type. The range of the APS-90 is 200 – 400 cm. The range of the APS-180 is 270 – 600 cm.


Unit of measurement: People flow (in/out)

Measurement range: Positive integer

Sensing distance: Minimum distance to people 70cm

Size: APS-90: 16 x 16 x 4 cm / APS-180: 25 x 14 x 4 cm

Power supply: Power over ethernet

Ingress protection: IP40

Works in any lighting condition.

Automatic detection of installation height.