30MHz Pointed Microclimate sensor

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Capture crop-level climate

A durable, wireless sensor for agricultural applications

Capture the granular microclimate: object temperature, air temperature, humidity, dewpoint, VPD, humidity deficit and relative humidity

This sensor uses object temperature and temperature humidity measurements to continuously capture microclimate at close range. Use data from the sensor to better determine heating needs, cutting unnecessary energy expenditures and lowering the risk of plant fungus and disease.

Solar radiation, whether artificial or natural impacts your temperature measurement. Part of the pointed microclimate sensor, the MeteoShield Professional is the most accurate radiation (artificial or natural) shield in the world, especially in low or zero wind conditions as in greenhouses.

Pointed Microclimate sensor

Capture the granular climate of individual crops in real-time


  • Surface temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • VPD (vapor pressure deficit)
  • Ambient humidity
  • Humidity deficit

Pointed Micro Climate sensor

Power source: battery

Ingress protection: IP67 watertight
Suitable for measurements in the sun

Temperature humidity element: mounted in a sensor hut that protects it from sun and allows for ventilation

Range: 0-100% relative humidity; -40 – 125 C temperature

Accuracy: 2% ; 0.2 C
Pointed temperature element: mounted in a flex tube that allows for the sensor to be aimed at an object

Range: -40 – 125 C ambient temperature

Range: -70 – 380 C object temperature

Accuracy: 0.5 C accuracy

FOV (field of view): 10 degrees