30MHz Airflow sensor (0-20 m/s)



Measure rapid air flow in real-time

Capture data on airflow at 0-20 meters per second in real-time.

A durable, wireless sensor designed for agricultural applications

Developed for the needs of commercial farmers, this rugged, watertight and easy to mount anemometer captures sensory data on rapid airflow at 0-20 meters per second. Use real-time airspeed data captured in the ZENSIE dashboard to optimize outdoor irrigation, bulb drying and processing conditions.

Airflow sensor

Capture sensory data on wind speed from anywhere.


Unit of measurement: Meters per second

Measurement range: 0-20 m/s

Measurement deviations: ±1 m/s

Power supply: Power plug

PDF: HortAmericas-30mhz-flyer


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