30MHz Starter Kit



You can’t improve what you can’t measure!

The data platform for your crops.
30MHz offers a central portal for every stakeholder in the agricultural sector. Growers, advisors, distributors, and researchers gain full insight into the climatic conditions of horticultural and agricultural produce. Our data platform ingests all kinds of data sources and analyses information interactively, enabling you to continuously improve the production process of crops, plants, seeds, and bulbs.​

Capture the metrics you need to make a difference in your agribusiness. Our customers use crop-level data to drive yields, reduce losses, optimize irrigation, improve storage, prevent disease risk, and reduce energy. Know what your crops need by monitoring metrics including: VPD, dew point, moisture deficit, EC, VWC, temperature, light intensity, relative humidity and CO2.

What’s included?

(Details on each is listed below.)

  • Pointed Microclimate Sensor
  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor
  • CO2 Sensor 2000 PPM
  • 30MHz Airflow Sensor (0-2 m/s)
  • Gateway (Ethernet)
  • First year subscription to the Digital Connect Platform




Pointed Microclimate Sensor

Capture crop-level climate. A durable, wireless sensor for agricultural applications.
Capture the granular microclimate: object temperature, air temperature, humidity, dew point, VPD, humidity deficit and relative humidity.
This sensor uses object temperature and temperature humidity measurements to continuously capture microclimate at close range. Use data from the sensor to better determine heating needs, cutting unnecessary energy expenditures and lowering the risk of plant fungus and disease.
Solar radiation, whether artificial or natural impacts your temperature measurement. Part of the pointed microclimate sensor, the MeteoShield Professional is the most accurate radiation (artificial or natural) shield in the world, especially in low or zero wind conditions as in greenhouses.

Power source: battery
Ingress protection: IP67 watertight
Suitable for measurements in the sun
Temperature humidity element: mounted in the Barani Design MeteoShield Pro that protects it from sun and allows for ventilation
Range: 0-100% relative humidity; -40 – 125 C temperature
Accuracy: 2% ; 0.2 C
Pointed temperature element: mounted in a flex tube that allows for the sensor to be aimed at an object
Range: -40 – 125 C ambient temperature
Range: -70 – 380 C object temperature
Accuracy: 0.5 C accuracy
FOV (field of view): 10 degrees

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor

Measure light strength.
Monitor HPS, LED or natural light strength across agricultural environments.
This rugged sun calibration quantum sensor was designed to measure the strength of HPS, LED or natural sunlight. Use the PAR to measure PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) in agricultural environments including greenhouses, growth chambers, or outdoor plant canopy environments.
A rugged sensor for agricultural applications
Available for LED spectrum, sunlight spectrum, or for measuring full spectrum.

Measurement range: 0.01 – 0.5m; 0-4.2 Volt
Measurement deviations: Adjustable
Sensing distance: ±0.5m
Power supply: Battery
Operating device limits: Temperature -20 – 85°C
Ingress protection: IP67

CO2 Sensor 2000 PPM

Monitor CO2 levels.
Monitor carbon dioxide levels in your greenhouse, vertical farm or storage facility.
Stay up to date on your crops’ needs by monitoring CO2 levels in real-time with this wireless carbon dioxide sensor. There a three variations of the sensor available. Each one measures a different range of ppm: 0-2.000 / 0-5.000 / 0-10.000 ppm. Deploy in moments without coding or technical assistance, and start capturing data in the ZENSIE dashboard. Generate graphs, visualizations, heatmaps and custom alerts straight to your mobile, tablet or computer.

Unit of measurement: ppm
Measurement range: 0 – 10.000 ppm
Power supply: power plug
Operating device limits: Temperature: -40°C – 60°C
Humidity: 0 – 100% (non-condensing)
Accuracy (at 25°C and 1013 mbar) : 0 – 2000ppm: <±(50ppm + 2% from the measured value), 2000-5000ppm: < ± (50 ppm + 3 % from the measured value), 5000-10000ppm: < ± (100 ppm + 5 % from the measured value)

30MHz Airflow Sensor (0-2 m/s)

Measure airflow at 0-2 m/s.
A durable, wireless sensor designed for agricultural applications.
Capture data on airflow at 0-2 meters per second in real-time.
Developed for the needs of commercial farmers, this rugged, watertight and easy to mount anemometer captures sensory data on subtle changes in airflow at 0-2 meters per second. Use real-time airspeed data captured in the ZENSIE dashboard to monitor storage, drying and processing, as well as manufacturing conditions.

Range: 0-2 m/s
Ingress protection: IP65
Power supply: power plug; 24vdc
Working range: humidity: 10…95 % RH (non-condensing); working temperature: -20…60 °C (-4…140 °F); storage temperature: -30…60 °C (-22…140 °F)

Gateway (Ethernet)

The 30MHz Gateway, the central access point for network connectivity in the 30MHz Smart Sensing Toolkit.
The 30MHz Gateway ties the internet to your private mesh network. Waterproof and durable, a single Gateway can mesh up to 4,000 sensors, even in the harshest industrial conditions.
Ensure scalable connectivity in industrial conditions.
The 30MHz Gateway (ethernet) is the central access point for network connectivity in the 30MHz Smart Sensing Toolkit. The Gateway guarantees network access even in challenging, industrial conditions. Watertight and rugged, a single Gateway can support up to 4,000 sensors, providing connectivity through walls, industrial materials and offshore.

Radio frequency range: 863MHz – 870MHz (Europe, Africa), 902 – 928 MHz (Americas, Asia, Australia)
Indoor/Urban range: Up to 110 meters with the supplied Laird antenna
Outdoor RF line-of-sight range: Up to 2 km with the supplied Laird antenna
Power supply: Power plug
Operating device limits: Temperature -40 – 85°C
Ingress protection: IP65

First year subscription to the Digital Connect Platform

An easy to use and customizable dashboard that you can access on any device with real time alerts and deep analytics. Accessible on any device, ZENSIE starts generating powerful insights and visualizations from wireless sensors moments after setup.

To ensure the highest level of stability, the 30MHz sensors deploy to a private mesh network. In a mesh topography, if one sensor loses connectivity, the rest compensate. This guarantees the network is immune to interruptions.


Download the PDF flyer: HortAmericas-30mhz-flyer


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