30MHz Wind Speed sensor



Measures speeds up to 55 m/s

A durable, wireless sensor designed for agricultural applications

Monitor weather conditions at different spots in the field.

This sensor measures wind speeds up to 55 m/s and is therefore also suitable for outdoor measurement. Gain insights on weather conditions in fields and lower tech greenhouses, or monitor areas where significant airstreams affect growth.

Wind Speed sensor

This sensor measures speeds up to 55 m/s. Also usable for outdoor purposes.


Unit of measurement: m/s – Yes/no; Volt

Measurement range: 0.4 tot 55 m/s; 0-2.5 Volt

Measurement deviations: < ± 0.5 m/s

Power supply: Plug

Operating device limits: Rate: max 80 m/s

Ingress protection: IP65


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