The GrowRack from GreenTech Agro


GrowRack 6-ft. | 3-Tier | 3 x GE High Output Balanced Arize Lynk Fixtures per Tier.

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The GrowRack™ from GreenTech Agro, makers of Growtainers™

The GrowRack™ is a proprietary, self-contained 3-tier stainless steel rack system. The 6’ tall modular GrowRack™ rack system contains an 3 crop-specific Current Arize Lynk LED fixtures per tier. By combining these custom wavelength combinations, the LED lights in the GrowRack™ can virtually alter the photosynthesis and/or photomorphogenesis response allowing controllable, predictable and more robust growth, resulting in higher yields in a shorter period of time than conventional production methods.

Stand-alone, fully self-contained GrowRack™ rack systems can be installed and operated by commercial greenhouse facilities, vertical farms, schools and many other educational entities. Restaurants can also use GrowRacks™ to provide chefs with adequate quantities of fresh gourmet herbs, unique spices and heirloom vegetables for use in food preparation. Our GrowRack™ rack system is perfect for schools: not only can students learn about sustainability, they can also enjoy the fresh healthy greens that they’ve grown. These racks can also be used in many other food service situations, such as the military, oil rigs, hospitals, etc. Click here for a step by step of how to grow microgreens in the GrowRack™.



PDF: GrowRack Assembly

PDF: GrowRack data sheet

PDF: GrowRack Manual

PDF: Growing Microgreens in the GrowRack


60” x 24” x 72”

  • 6ft tall – 3 Tier system


  • Built in trays with knock outs for irrigation and/or drainage
  • Mounted on a heavy frame with wheels
  • Heavy duty bottom shelf for water tank
  • Holes predrilled every 1” for easy lighting installation
  • Each level holds 5 10” x 20” trays
  • Pump
  • 40 Gallon tank


The Growrack™ can be purchased fully assembled or you can purchase and assemble yourself with easy to follow instructions and pre-built plumbing sections.

Complete kit can be purchased with Current Horticultural LED Fixtures.

As shown includes up to 3 growing levels with 3 Current Horticultural LED Fixtures per growing level.


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