BioAphidoletes, Aphidoletes aphidimyza, for mite control



BioAphidoletes by BioBee

Aphidoletes aphidimyza is a midge from family Cecidomyiidae, and its larvae control effectively the aphids from family Aphidae. The A. aphidimyza lays its eggs on plants that have a high population of aphids, in the underside of the leaves. When the larva of A. aphidimiza finds the prey, it injects a toxin into it and eats the aphid 10 minutes later

Recommended Dose

Release  5– 0 individuals for 10 sq.ft (1 m²).


It is used in several horticulturalornamental and fruit crops.


Before opening the bottle, set it horizontally and rotate it to mix the content. Spread over the plants around the aphid hot spots. High humidity is important for the correct development of the A. aphidimyza adults.


Keep the bottle horizontally and at a temperature of 50°F-60°F (10°C-15ºC). Do not break the cold chain in all the transport and storage process. Do not store the product after 48 hours of receipt, and never expose it to sunlight or pesticides.

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