BioAphidius, Aphidius colemani, Parasitic wasp for biological control of aphids


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BioAphidius by BioBee

Aphidius colemani is a parasitic wasp that controls several aphid species including the green peach aphid, and the cotton aphid. The parasitoid controls almost all developmental stages of the aphids.

Aphidius inserts a single egg into the body of its host (the aphid). The larva hatches from the egg and then feeds on the aphid’s internal tissues. The aphid continues to develop until Aphidius reaches its third larval instar. By the fourth instar, Aphidius larva consumes most of the aphid’s contents. It then cuts a slit in the underside of the aphid’s body and spines a cocoon that attaches the dying aphid to the leaf. The parasitoid pupates within the cocoon while the aphid turns gradually into a hardened mummy. The adult Aphidius wasp emerges through a regular-shaped hole that it gnaws at the rear side of the mummy in between its two siphunculi tubules. The adult Aphidius female is able to lay up to 200 eggs during a lifetime of just a couple days.


Vegetables, strawberries, fruit trees, and ornamentals.

The Product

  • Bottles containing 110, 220 and 550 mummies (= parasitoid pupae) mixed with sawdust from which 100, 200 and 500 adult wasps will emerge, respectively.
  • The quantity is indicated on the label.
  • A piece of honey soaked paper is adhered to the inner side of the lid of each package, to feed the emerging wasps prior to leaving the bottle.

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PDF: Growing Hydroponic Strawberries

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