BioEncarsia, Encarsia formosa, parasitic wasp of the White fly



Encarsia formosa is a parasitic wasp of the greenhouse White fly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum). The females of E. formosa are attracted to its prey by the honeydew segregated. Once the wasp finds the larva of white fly, lays an egg inside it and the insect that emerges from it will eat the white fly from inside.

Recommended Dose

Preventively, release 1.5 individual for 10 sq.ft (1 m²) up to 4 individual for 10 sq.ft (1 m²). There must be weekly introductions until a high level of parasitism is reached (80-90%).


It is used in several horticultural, ornamental and fruit crops.


Before opening the bottle, set it horizontally and rotate it to mix the content. Open the bottle inside the crop and spread the wasps over the leaves or in small boxes. If the pupae come in cards then hang the cards all over the crop depending on the recommended dose.

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