nemastar® Biological control of leatherjackets

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nemastar® Biological control of leatherjackets (Tipula spp.) with Steinernema carpocapsae

The control agent

nemastar® has proven a reliable control agent on leatherjackets over the last 6 years. It contains insectpathogenic nematodes of the species Steinernema carpocapsae that search actively for larvae in the soil. nemastar is highly efficient against the young larvae stages in September and October. In eld experiments performed by the University of Kiel up to 82 % of leatherjackets were killed by nematodes.

The benefits of nemastar®

  • nemastar® is active only against insect pests and safe for beneficial insects, plants, and humans. Golf courses can stay open even during application.
  • nemastar® eliminates the larvae, before damage occurs. Superintendants can wait until they see crane flies appear and then decide on the treatment.
  • nemastar® also provides good control of cutworms.


The best time to apply nemastar® is two weeks after the end of the flight. At that time all larvae have hatched and are in a susceptible stage. This is between beginning of September and mid October. Soil temperatures are then still high enough (above 12°C).

Standard dose rate: 500,000 nematodes per m2

Per hectare: 10 packs of 500 million in 600 liters of water

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