BioCucumeris, Neoseiulus cucumeris, Predatory mite for biological control of thrips and spider mites

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Neoseiulus cucumeris is used to control several species of thrips, especially Frankliniella occidentalis

Neoseuilus cucumeris is a mite from the phytoseiid family. They also eat red spider mites, broad mites and other similar insects. They can survive without thrips if they find plants with pollen.

Recommended Dose

Place an average of 1 sachet for 10 sq.ft. (1 m²) or 500-1000 individuals for 10 sq.ft. (1 m²). This sachet will be replaced depending on the crop and its cycle.


It is used in several crops, ornamental and vegetables (like cucumber and sweet pepper).


Separate the sachets carefully and hang them of the stems of the plants according to the recommended dose. If the product format is a bottle then spread the mites on the leaves of the plants in small piles.


Keep the box or bottle horizontally and at a temperature of 60°F-65°F (15°C-18 ºC). Do not break the cold chain in all the transport and storage process. Do not store the product after 48 hours of receipt, and never expose it to sunlight or pesticides.