nematop® Effective Biological Control of Black Vine Weevil

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nematop® contains insect-pathogenic nematodes of the species Heterorhabditis bacteriophora.

  • These nematodes are naturally occurring enemies of vine weevil larvae.
  • They search actively in the soil for vine weevil larvae and pupae. • Our research has shown that the nematodes can survive in the soil for several months in the absence of weevil larvae.
  • Nematodes have been used for over 12 years by professional horticulturists, for the control of vine weevil.

In trials carried out by research stations in Germany and France, using nematop® to control vine weevil in yews and strawberries, control rates of up to 95% have been achieved.


  • is highly effective, often even more effective than chemical control measures.
  • gives a long-lasting period of control, which even improves at higher pest densities.
  • is only active against insect larvae. Humans, plants and beneficial organisms are not affected.
  • is easily applied as a drench or dip; or with conventional spraying equipment; or through drip-irrigation systems.


  • Application rate: 0.5 million nematodes per m2 or 5,000 nematodes per liter compost.
  • nematop® is available in 3 different pack sizes, suitable for treatment of 20m2, 100m2 or 1,000m2.
  • nematop® is produced subject to strict quality control, in accordance with the guidelines of the international working group on entomopathogenic nematodes.

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