Horiver Yellow Sticky trap large


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HORIVER-TR.  (yellow sticky traps)

Sizes: 25 x 40 cm (big)
Contains (big): 12/pack
Use:  In tall crops such as cucumber, tomato and pepper, traps should be positioned just above the plant head and raised as the crop grows.
In crops with a low canopy, traps should be supported by canes or wire holders a maximum of 30 cm above the crop.
The traps should be placed in areas with the highest risk of infestation, i.e. at doors, gable ends and lateral ventilation openings.
Quantity to be used
For monitoring purposes the advised rate is 5 traps per 1,000 m². When the traps are meant to give a contribution to control in hot spots (i.e. mass trapping), use at least 1 trap per 20 m², to a maximum of 1 trap per 2 m².
Aphids, leaf-miners, whiteflies, thrips and sciarid

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