Age Old® Calcium Nitrate (17-0-0, 23.5% Ca)


55-lb Bag

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Calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate are perhaps the most efficient ways to deliver nitrate-based nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca), sulfur (S), and magnesium (Mg) to plants. With Age Old Commercial Grow and Bloom providing all of the other high purity minerals, the combination of these products forms the base of the program, with no additional cationic or anionic waste—and therefore no unnecessary osmotic stress on the plants that reduce growth and yields.


Age Old Commercial Program

Injection Ratio

No Injector 1:25 1:100 1:200
Commercial Grow 3.17 g (0.11 oz) 79.25 g (2.8 oz) 317.0 g (11.9 oz) 634.0 g (22.4 oz)
Commercial Bloom 3.17 g (0.11 oz) 79.25 g (2.8 oz) 317.0 g (11.9 oz) 634.0 g (22.4 oz)
Calcium Nitrate 3.71 g (0.13 oz) 92.75 g (3.3 oz) 371.0 g (13.1 oz) 742.0 g (26.2 oz)
Magnesium Sulfate 2.40 g (0.08 oz) 60.0 g (2.1 oz) 240.0 g (8.4 oz) 480.0 g (16.9 oz)
Commercial Bio 8.0 mL (0.27 fl oz) 200.0 mL (6.76 fl oz) 800.0 mL (27.05 fl oz) 1600.0 mL (54.1 fl oz)
Commercial Microbes 0.29 g (0.01 oz) 7.13 g (0.25 oz) 28.5 g (1.0 oz) 57.0 g (2.0 oz)

Suggested rates per gallon.

About Age Old Nutrients

The Age Old Commercial products and program are the culmination and synthesis of years of research on optimal nutrition for cannabis crops. With products and technologies based on optimal mineral nutrition, and organic-based additives, the Age Old Commercial program provides both high performance and simplicity. With just four concentrate tanks (and their respective injectors), growers from 500 ft2 to 500,000 ft2 can experience the benefits of the Age Old Commercial program, at a price that will almost certainly fit into most budgets.