Berg Benomic Harvesting Trolley

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This Berg harvesting pipe rail trolley is the best for nursing, harvesting and spraying your crop. It can reach a height of 9.8 ft (300 cm).  Smooth surface: With the water resistant, smooth surface the Benomic can be easily cleaned, thus reducing plant pathogen sources. No bolts, sharp edges, or holes prevent debris buildup and reduce plant damage.

Scissor: Available in 2-scissor, 3-scissor, and 4-scissor models.

Maintenance: All service parts are easily accessible by lifting the cover.

Speed, power and controls: 0.37 kW electrical motor drives the Benomic up to speeds of 60 m per minute. Long-lasting, clearly arranged controls make the Benomic easy to operate.

Technical Specifications                                         

2-scissors (3- & 4-scissors)

Length: 193 cm

Width: ctc+14cm

Platform length: 170 cm

Platform width: 42 cm

Min. height: 54 cm (63 cm; 71 cm)

Max. Height: 300 cm (440 cm; 570 cm)

Max. workload: 250 kg (120 kg; 120 kg)

Weight: 410 kg (450 kg: 550 kg)

Max speed: 60 m/min

Pipe rail: ctc 42-80 cm

ctc: center to center


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