Berg Benomic Star

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The BENOMIC STAR is a follow-on development of the current Benomic. The basic technology that has proved to be extremely reliable, has not been changed. You therefore benefit from the years of experience we have had with our Benomics.

Low price
New technologies and materials mean that we have been able to improve our manufacturing processes and reduce costs. You can benefit from this with the BENOMIC STAR.
We have been able to place the STAR in the market at a very competitive price when compared to similar models.

Smooth exterior
The exterior of the Benomic was already smooth. But we go a step further with the STAR. Fewer corners and edges on the frame where dirt can pile up. This wagon is easier to keep clean and tidy. Plants are no longer damaged by sharp corners or edges. The railing is powder-coated.

Simplicity of maintenance
Servicing and maintenance is even easier. All the components requiring maintenance are accessible via a single cover plate. Our website gives tips for maintenance and servicing. It contains instructive film clips for carrying out your own maintenance.

The STAR is fitted with a robust, clearly laid out dashboard with a minimum of switches and knobs. Your employees can very quickly master the simple controls.

Below we list the benefits of the BENOMIC STAR:

Scissor hoist
Finished with a smooth surface material and enclosed end pieces so that plants and string no longer get caught up in the scissor movement. The hoisting weight is 250 kg therefore more than sufficient for supporting two people.

Speed, power and controls
An efficient 0.37 kW electric motor with variable speeds up to 60 m/min.

Motor regulation
No more printed circuits, but instead a compact electronic drive regulator ensuring optimal drive over the whole range, from crawler right through to maximum speeds.

Welded frame

Robust steel frame. The plastic corners are replaced with steel end pieces on the STAR which provide maximum protection when being used.

Step-in height
The low step-in height that was popular on earlier models remains a feature.

The wagon can be raised with a single press of the button – no longer on the side, but right at the front.

Drive roller
The STAR is fitted with a steel drive roller as standard. Plastic rollers can be fitted if higher levels of comfort are required. Furthermore, the STAR can be fitted with wider drive and trailing rollers in order to prevent possible concrete damage.

Technical Specifications of the Benomic Star

Wagon length (cm) : 193
Wagon width (cm) : centre-to- centre + 20
Platform length (cm) : 170
Platform width (cm) : 42
Min height (cm) : 54
Max height (cm) : 300
Motor capacity (kW) : 0.37
Load capacity (kg) : 250
Weight (kg) : 365
Max speed (m/min) : 60
Traction battery (V/Ah) : 24/110
Rail widths (cm) : 42- till max. 60


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