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Removable protection from light and heat

Eclipse® LD is a removable white shading paint for greenhouses. It protects crops against too much light and heat throughout the season and can be applied on the outside of all standard greenhouses. Eclipse LD needs to be mixed with water and can be applied in many situations, making it a basic yet all-round product for use in horticulture worldwide. Eclipse LD is highly wear-resistant and easily removed with Topclear at the end of the season.

– Optimal protection of your crop
– Adjustable shading intensity
– Very wear resistant
– Applicable to all greenhouses
– Removable with Topclear
– For all greenhouse surfaces

Why Eclipse LD

The shade layer reduces stress and prevents the crop and fruits from sunburn, improving production and quality. In the countries with a moderate climate, Eclipse LD is mainly used for protecting ornamentals and leaf vegetables in greenhouses. In the warmer areas in the world Eclipse LD is also used for fruit vegetables like tomatoes and sweet peppers.
Eclipse LD is a very efficient and versatile shading agent that reduces the light and temperature in the same ratio. The product is flexible in use because you can adjust the number of buckets, amount of spray solution and application method. Eclipse LD is easy to apply and to remove.


Eclipse LD needs to be diluted with water before spraying it onto the greenhouse. Depending on the application method, type of greenhouse and climate, the dilution rate and amount of spraying liquid can vary to achieve the best result. Eclipse LD can be applied manually, by machine and by helicopter. See How to use for more detailed information about applications and dosage.


Eclipse LD is removable with Topclear at every desired moment. Apply Topclear in the advised amount and dilution. Read the complete instructions on how to use Topclear.


Bucket size: 20 kg – 44 lbs.

56 buckets/pallet

The product can be stored, above freezing, for up to two years.


PDF: Sudlac Eclipse LD Brochure

PDF: Eclipse LD Safety Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 12 in

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