Bato V-gutter

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The V-gutter can be used as a discharge channel on soil and as a discharge channel underneath a growing rack system. For use underneath the growing rack system, we advise to use a minimum of 25 mm side wall folded inside to keep the gutter in his shape. Once cut at row lengths and installed in the row, the gutter ends are easily blocked by folding punch and tyrap.For the discharge of drain water with a V-shaped discharge channel, a square piece of foil of approximately 500×500 mm has to be used. In the middle of the foil a hole of  Ø 45 mm is made, in which a drain water discharge plug is placed. After profiling the soil, the riser (with a minimum inside diameter of 36.4 mm) under each gutter is dugged-up and the plug has to be inserted into the P.V.C.-riser and adjusted at the right height. After this, the foil is folded into the gulley and over the soil at both sides next to the gulley, by which a conical shape is achieved.

Cultivation: Tomato, strawberry, cucumber, bell pepper, decorative, and pot plants
150-900mm wide


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