Mardenkro ReduSol

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ReduSol is a liquid shading product that can provide a homogeneous, wear-resistant shading coat that protects
against solar radiation. It can be applied in as a thin or thick coat to glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film. The greatest advantage of ReduSol is that it can be removed. In the spring at the start of the shading season a thin coat of ReduSol can be applied. A thicker coat of shade can easily be achieved later in the season by spraying
an additional amount of ReduSol. ReduSol is highly wear-resistant, but it can be removed easily and safely with ReduClean after the season. ReduSol advantages: Easy to apply; Easy to remove with ReduClean; Shading levels of up to 80% (depending upon the concentration); White, even shading coat for proper reflection; Highly resistant to frost and rain; Increased light transmission during rainy periods; Diffuses light.

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Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 12 x 12 in


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