PlantLogic 10 Liter Drainage Collection Pot

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  • 100% Drainage Collection
  • Long Legs (55-85mm/2.2-3.3”)
  • Excellent Drainage & Root Ventlation
  • Unique Stacking Design
  • Dimensions: 283mm wide x 256mm tall


100% Drainage Collection

  • Control humidity within tunnels.
  • Excellent oxygen uptake.
  • Cost effective system design.
  • Avoid environmental impact of drainage.


Long Legs (55-85mm/2.2-3.3”)

  • Prevents root contact with soil.
  • Prevents contact with pathogens.
  • Improves drainage and rootzone health.



Excellent Drainage & Root Ventlation

  • 5 center holes drain into inexpensive gutter.
  • 18 side holes allow oxygen uptake to prevent anaerobic conditions.
  • Wide legs are stable even on soft surfaces.


Unique Stacking Design

  • Allows for compact stacking minimizing shipping cost.
  • 44,814 pots per 40’ container