Rollerhook – trellising has never been so simple

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The Rollerhook is a state of the art trellising hooks. The unique design of the rollerhook enables the worker to easily, rapidly and safely lower and lean tomato or cucumber plants.
In one smooth motion, the worker simply steadies the plant with one hand on the trellising twine, squeezes the lock with the other hand, then slides the entire unit down the supporting overhead wire an appropriate distance as he simultaneously lowers the plant.
Difficult and time consuming motion of holding up the plant while unhooking, unwounding and rehooking the conventional twine hooks are eliminated. The specialized lock also prevents the unit from accidentally coming off the supporting overhead wire.
Each Rollerhook is composed of metal part (multi seasonal) and of a prewound disposable spool with 25 to 36 meters of UV resistant twine to last up to three back-to-back crops before needing replacement. This leads to further significant saving in consumable and labor cost.


Good control of lowering length

Maximum twine length 36 m

Simple to utilize also by unskilled workers

Saves trellising time

Will not slip back on the trellising cable

Multi seasonal


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