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Sudlac Sombrero Powder

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Product Description

Economical Whitewash Powder for Greenhouses

Sombrero powder is a cost effective shading product that is used for applying a temporary shade layer on greenhouses. It forms an efficient white barrier against too much heat and sunlight that can be used on all types of greenhouses around the world. The layer has a good wear resistance up to 2 months on which a second layer can be applied if necessary. The shading will wear off gradually, which means that the shading effect is reduced slowly and there is no need for a cleaning product.

  • Very cost effective
  • Does not harm the greenhouse structure
  • Lasts up to 2 months, depending on weather
  • Wears of gradually, cannot be removed with Topclear

Why Sombrero Powder

During spring and summer time the light level and temperature increases. To benefit the production of the crops, they need to be protected against excess heat and light. Shading with Sombrero powder will prevent the plant from stress, burning of fruits, scorching and loss of production.


Sombrero powder has to be mixed with clean water. The shading percentage depends on dilution ratio and number of bags per hectare. Product should be applied during dry weather and allowed to dry. A simple hand sprayer can be used. When properly mixed, it does not clog or harm the pump. Sombrero powder works on plastic film, polycarbonate, acrylic and glass.

PDF Brochure: Sudlac Sombrero Powder Brochure

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