Bato Hydro Trough / Dutch Bucket 11L


Item Number: 40100 – Bato Hydro Trough Beige 11 ltr

Item Number: 40101 – Bato Hydro Trough Black 11 ltr



The Bato Trough or Dutch Bucket is suitable for hydro cultivation systems with constant water reservoirs. The Dutch Bucket has a highly efficient internal drain water discharge system: by installation two assembled Bato knees, the drain water goes from the lowest level of the trough and will be discharged into the central drain pipe. By doing this, the water reservoir is constantly replenished and accumulation is prevented.The Dutch Bucket in combination with the drain pipe Ø 50 mm is an easy, replaceable growing system. The drain water pipe is available in the length of 5.5 metres.

Please purchase Drain Pipes for your bucket here:

Bato Elbow

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“Designing and building a dutch bucket system”

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Hydro Trough

Bato Hydro Trough 11 ltr beige (608/pallet), Bato Hydro Trough Black 11 ltr (608/pallet)


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