Arize® H1000 + Lamp



Designed with growers in mind, the Arize® H1000 delivers light output, uniformity and penetration to help get the most out of your grow. The H1000 directs light deep into the canopy, ensuring even the lowest leaves receive the light they need.

The H1000 offers growers the industry-leading performance and quality they expect from the Arize® family of products, and allows us to meet the individual needs of today’s growers.


We developed the first HPS Bulb in 1964. Buy from the brand that you can trust.

Easy installation

Two hook sizes allow for quick mounting of the H1000 on existing structures.

Low-profile design

The H1000 is designed for maximum spacing between the fixture and crop.


Arize H1000 Luminaire SpecSheet

Reflector for HPS PDF

Additional information


Cylindrical, Open


41mm, 51mm


277/347 VAC 50/60Hz, 480 VAC 50/60 Hz


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