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PHYTOFY® RL is a tunable LED horticultural lighting system for research applications with real-time control and scheduling features for each individual channel.

The calibrated system is capable of delivering light treatments with varying spectra (wavelength and intensity) for horticulture research, including far-red end-of-day treatment, brief UV light, night interruption light, etc.

Capable of more than 600 µmol m-2 s-1 at 406 mm / 16” canopy height, this system is the perfect choice for the research and development of plant-specific light recipes. Light control is available through a graphical user interface and API. Compatible to add external sensor feedback and intelligent software.

Helping growers, research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical production and others how the sciences can be used to optimize plant growth to their needs.

System Features:

  • Tunable LED system with six different channels
  • The variable spectra can be used for far-red end-of-day light, UV light supplementation, night-interruption, etc.
  • Advanced software, designed with plant biologists, to schedule different light treatments throughout the photoperiod and/or plant life cycle
  • Precise irradiance map, calculated by the software—no quantum flux measurements required
  • Thin and robust form factor, ideal for growth chambers, racks, and vertical farm operations
  • Perfect choice for developing light recipes, allowing growers and researchers to improve flavor, nutritional profile, and overall production.




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