P.L. Light Systems HortiLED MULTI

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A small fixture that offers big energy savings, allowing for maximum space utilization and system efficacies as high as 2.5 umol/J.

The HortiLED MULTI is available in two module lengths and distribution options. Each option is designed to deliver optimum light levels and uniformity across the length and width of shelf-while minimizing light loss off the sides of the shelf.

Designed to deliver exceptional uniformity, the HortiLED MULTI ensures even illumination to each individual plant-regardless of its position in the layer.

Multiple spectral options allow growers to tune the lighting according to the desired plant responses.

The HortiLED MULTI is available in two distribution options to deliver optimum light intensity to the surface of the crop.

80 Degree Distribution
With a highly-focused beam pattern, this distribution option delivers exceptional depth penetration into the plants.

150 Degree Distribution
Offers exceptional uniformity-enabling wider spacing so growers can achieve desired light levels evenly across the surface of the crop, with fewer modules.


The HortiLED MULTI is available in multiple spectral distributions to ensure growers are able to apply the optimal spectral recipe for each stage of growth. To achieve a more robust plant structure and smaller, thicker leaves, growers can tune into the blue wavebands to stimulate the synthesis of chlorophyll B. When propagating seedlings, tuning into a full spectrum distribution elicits the best response.


System Efficacy: 2.0-2.5 umol/J

Flux (120 cm): 80-180 umol/m2.s

Flux (150 cm): 112-225 umol/m2.s

Rated Main Voltage: 120-227V

Power Factor: >0.95

Actual Input Power (120 cm): 44W (LO) / 72W (HO)

Actual Input Power (150 cm): 72W (LO) / 85W (HO)

Dimming (optional): 0-10V

Lifetime: 25,000 hr Photon flux maintenance of 90% @ max. ambient operating temp of 40°C

Warranty: 3 years


120 cm Module 150 cm Module
Length 46.496 in. (1181 mm) 57.913 in. (1471 mm)
Width 1,902 in. (48.3 mm) 1,902 in. (48.3 mm)
Height 2,386 in. (60.6 mm) 2,386 in. (60.6 mm)

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