Grodan Kiem Plug




The Grodan Kiem Plug made of rockwool offers a unique and effective germination solution. Specifically designed for sowing seeds, Rockwool Propagation Plugs provide a sterile and porous substrate that aids in rapid and even root development. The plugs can be either manually transplanted or used in automated transplant machines.

This is a clean product, no pollutants or harmful bacteria. It does not lock up or release any substances, ensuring all water and nutrients are available to the plant. It is easy to control and steer the growth of the crop to achieve higher yields than seen in soil-bound cultivation. Stone wool can be recycled (eg composting).

Grodan’s stone wool are specially designed for irrigation efficiency and uniformity.


Kiem Plug in French Trays |  3,120/case  |  240/ tray, 13 trays/case

Loose Plugs  |  20×27  |  11,000/case

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Kiem Plug

French Trays (3120/case), Loose Plugs (11,000/case)


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