Slingerland Potting Soils

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Slingerland Potting Soils, Slingerland Potgrond, have various unique substrate and bark formulas which are rated among the best substrates in potted plants, tree nurseries, bedding plants and perennials. And the good news for orchid growers is that the company is also a market leader in substrates for this particular cultivation. How does Slingerland Potgrond develop this top product? Through controlling a large part of the chain; from the extraction of raw materials up to and including the production of the substrate. Slingerland Potgrond wants to see the raw materials for themselves in order to assess them and make a selection. This is why the specialists regularly visit the extraction sites of, among others, bark, clay and peat. Only the best is good enough. An internal monitoring system guarantees the quality and safety of the substrate compositions, up to and including delivery to the customer