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September 2015 Newsletter


Hort Americas Corporate Newsletter  |  September 2015



Greenhouse ornamental plant growers adding edible crops to their product mix should consider incorporating biological controls into their integrated pest management program.

Consider using biological controls if adding edibles to your greenhouse crop mix

An increasing number of ornamental plant growers are looking to take advantage of the growing demand for locally produced edible crops. Whether it’s for sales in their own garden centers, roadside stands, farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants, the demand for locally-grown produce continues to increase.

Before starting to produce edibles, ornamental growers should thoroughly investigate how they’re going to produce and market their crops, including pest and disease management.

“There are less active ingredients registered for insect and disease control on vegetable crops than for ornamentals,” said Ron Valentin, technical lead at Syngenta Bioline. “It would be difficult for greenhouse growers to do vegetable production without the use of biological controls.”

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Hort Americas Hydroponic Fertilizer Special Offer

Hort Americas is pleased to announce the release of its new Hort Americas 9-7-37 Hydroponic Fertilizer. This water-soluble fertilizer is specially formulated for growing leafy greens, culinary herbs, microgreens and other crops in hydroponic production systems. Hort Americas has formulated this fertilizer to deliver the essential nutrients for optimum uptake by plant root systems. It can be used as a constant or supplement feed.

While supplies last, during September, Hort Americas will be sending a free 5 lb. bag of Hydroponic Fertilizer with any Hort Americas purchase of at least $300. When placing your order, reference Offer Code: HAFERT15 at checkout, either at Hort Americas’ online store or when you place an order with your Hort Americas customer service representative.

Will local food sales exceed those for organic foods?

A Packaged Facts National Consumer Survey published in “Shopping for Local Foods in the U.S.” in Nov. 2014 found that 53 percent of respondents seek out locally grown or locally produced food. Major reasons for purchasing locally grown food include:

Sixty percent of consumers purchase local products because the products are fresher.

Fifty-two percent of consumers buy local products to support local businesses.

Forty-four percent of consumers say local products taste better.

Large national and regional retailers looking to tap into the local foods trend are adding more local products and promoting their efforts to offer shoppers these products. Walmart, Kroger, Safeway and Meijer have identified local foods as one of their priorities. The Packaged Facts’ survey found that more than two out of three consumers who buy locally grown or locally produced foods do so in supermarkets/grocery stores. Nearly half of consumers purchase local products at farmers’ markets.

Hort Americas to sponsor, participate in Tour de Fresh 2015

This year Hort Americas’ efforts with the Tour de Fresh, Oct 19-22,2015, are also being supported by Village Farms, Riococo, Houweling’s Tomatoes, Grodan, Age Old Organics, as well countless other friends and family. All of our efforts will directly benefit the Earl Nance Sr. Elementary School in the St. Louis Public School system.