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September 2016 Newsletter

Hort Americas Corporate Newsletter  |  September 2016

Research at Michigan State University shows growers have a choice when it comes to lights for photoperiodic control.


LEDs offer option for photoperiodic control

As light bulb manufacturers phase out the production of incandescent bulbs, growers are looking for replacements to control flowering of ornamental plants. Researchers at Michigan State University have compared the efficiency and efficacy of LEDs for flowering applications with traditional light sources including incandescent, fluorescent and high-pressure sodium lamps.
“After we determined that LEDs were as effective at controlling flowering as other traditional light sources, we began to look more closely at how different wavebands emitted by LEDs actually regulate different aspects of flowering and photomorphogenesis,” said Michigan State Ph.D. graduate research assistant Qingwu (William) Meng.

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Interlighting LED

The Sharp Linear Interlighting LED Fixture, which is available from Hort Americas, promotes plant growth and flowering through the use of horizontal lighting to areas of plants that don’t receive adequate light from natural sun light or top lighting systems. This high efficient, 8-foot lamp is easy to install for interlighting connection between fixtures. Its slim design ensures no additional shadowing on the plants.
The energy-efficient fixture uses up to 80 percent less energy than standard high pressure sodium lamps. With its reduced heat generation, the fixtures can be situated close to the plants for optimal light conditions. Sharp Linear Interlighting has been shown to provide excellent results in tests at licensed commercial/medical cannabis facilities.

Shading compounds

Hort Americas is offering a new line of safe and environmentally-friendly shade compounds from Sudlac.
Eclipse LD is a versatile white shading compound that offers protection for an entire season due to its high wear resistance. It offers a higher level of protection due to its chalk pigment. The desired level of shading is adjustable by regulating the amount of compound used. After it is diluted, Eclipse LD can be applied manually or by machine to any greenhouse glazing.
Optifuse IR is a diffuse coating that scatters the light to a high degree in combination with effective heat protection. The high light levels offer light loving floral and vegetable crops the ideal base for healthy growth. After it is diluted, Optifuse IR can be easily applied manually or by machine to any type of glass greenhouse.
TransPAR is a very efficient shading compound that offers a high level of temperature reduction while still maintaining high light levels. Crops benefit an entire season from the optimum balance between photosynthetically active radiation and heat radiation with a high level of diffusion. After it is diluted, TransPAR can be applied manually or by machine to any greenhouse glazing.


FDA provides $21.8 million for states to implement produce safety rule

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will provide $21.8 million to support 42 states in the implementation of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act produce safety rule. FDA seeks to partner with the states to deliver education and technical assistance to farmers and to provide on-going inspection, compliance and oversight.
The cooperative agreement between FDA and the states provides awardees with the resources to meet a number of goals. These include: formulating a multi-year plan to implement a produce safety system, developing and providing education, outreach and technical assistance, prioritizing farming operations covered by the produce safety rule, and developing programs to address the specific and unique needs of farming communities.
Applicants were classified into five tiers of funding eligibility based on the estimated number of farms growing covered produce within their jurisdiction. The funding opportunity is for five years, subject to the availability of funding from Congress. Further information on state awardees can be found on the State Produce Implementation Cooperative Agreement Program website page.


Expanding Possibilities with e-GRO®

GRODAN, a global leader in stone wool substrate solutions introduces e-Gro: an easy to use, mobile app that gives real-time substrate information. e-Gro is a new service from GRODAN developed to support customers with a GroSens® MultiSensor system.

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Hort Americas Hydroponic Fertilizer

In its efforts to fuel progress in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), Hort Americas is now offering its new 9-7-37 Hydroponic Fertilizer. Hort Americas developed this unique fertilizer in cooperation with CEA hydroponic specialists, academicians and researchers to meet the nutritional requirements of edible crops produced by hydroponic growers. Hort Americas recommends that hydroponic growers have their water tested by a professional water analysis laboratory to determine its nutrients, pH, EC and total alkalinity prior to using its 9-7-37 Hydroponic Fertilizer.


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We are proud to be a sponsor of Urban Ag News. There are great articles in the latest online magazine issue including cover story looks at Kimbal Musk’s “community through food” philosophy. Kimbal co-founded The Kitchen restaurants to serve food and drink from local farmers, ranchers and suppliers for the sustainable enjoyment of the whole community. Kimbal also helped co-found the Learning Gardens that serve as outdoor classrooms and experiential play-spaces that connect kids to real food and empower them to make healthier food choices.

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