Hort Americas is looking for Pest Management Products for Small Growers

Hort Americas realizes that Urban Farms, Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouses and Vertical Farms come in a wide variety of sizes.  But, we also realize that most greenhouses have very similar problems when it comes to managing insects and diseases.

Also, since this is a very technical subject we recommend that you contact us at infohortamericas@gmail.com to learn more about products like:

Veranda O, Floramite, Pylon, Attain TR, Pyganic, Evergreen, Pygnaic, RootShield, Actinovate, Actino-Iron.

Again, many of these products are labeled for use on Veggies, many are Organic, but many are not so carefully read the approved label.  Hort Americas is also working with non-traditional pest management products like UV Light. Check out the video below.

Visit our corporate website at https://hortamericas.com