Hort Americas Partners Well Represented at Floriade 2012

Hort America’s Valued Vendor Partners are Important Participants in Floriade

Hort Americas’ partners Philips and Horticoop are participating in this year’s Floriade. Philips lighting has been installed in the Dutch pavilion My Green World. The 49-foot high pavilion forms a landmark in the Education & Innovation part of the exposition.
Within the pavilion is My Green Lab that includes a 16-foot tall structure made up of an eight-layer cultivation system. Each layer is fitted with Philips GreenPower LEDs under which fresh basil is being grown. Other than the LED lighting, the structure is completely dark, showing visitors how plants can be grown without sunlight.

Multilayer Horticultural LED Grow Light Display

Horticultural LED Grow Lights at Floriade 2012

My Green Lab is a futuristic and experimental part of My Green World where visitors can learn more about the challenges facing the planet in terms of energy supply, water conservation and food production. My Green Lab offers insight into a variety of topics including algae cultivation for biofuel production and photosynthesis and cultivation without light.
Also on display in the My Green World pavilion is a trellis carrier, which is marketed by Horticoop. This motorized rail system enables greenhouse workers to access any part of a commercial production facility. Partners in the development of the trellis carrier include TU Delft, Wageningen University, The Hague University and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

Horticoop participates in My Green World

Horticulture research, interactive game
Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, along with several greenhouse systems suppliers, is presenting research and new techniques for sustainable horticulture at Floriade. The Innovation Cluster is a modern greenhouse where five research themes are discussed: energy and climate, water and emissions, crop quality, crop protection and sustainable cultivation and production.
Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture and TNO are presenting the game My Cool Greenhouse at Floriade. Through an interactive game on a touch table, visitors can experience and see how a perfect greenhouse is created and what is involved in its operation. The game is also available to play online.

University of Wageningen is playing an important educational role

High tech greenhouse video
Be sure to check out the YouTube video Innovatie Cluster Floriade.wmv. During this 2-minute video a group of children explore a high tech tomato greenhouse that has been built to provide sustainable growing. As they discover what happens in the greenhouse, the children learn how growing medium, water, carbon dioxide, air, environmental control, systems integration and research are combined to produce tasty tomatoes.

Floriade Dialogue 2009-2012
Floriade 2012 started a scientific and practical support program in 2009 called Floriade Dialogue 2009-2012  Floriade Dialogue presents discussions on issues of great social importance related to principals of sustainability with impact on the quality of life.
The emphasis of Floriade Dialogue in 2012 is to influence the process of social change needed to deal with the limitation of natural resources that global society will face in the future. Topics to be discussed during the Floriade Dialogue Sessions include:
1. Adequate and safe food production.
2. Responsible use of natural resources.
3. Balancing the built and natural environment.
4. Use of the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.
5. Regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives.
6. Expand economic growth and job creation through sustainable use of natural resources.
7. Strengthening horticultural and agricultural value chain operation and collaboration.
8. Generating logistic synergy and creating opportunities.
The outcome of the sessions will be published under the title “The Self-Supporting and Livable City”. The publications will be available online in two editions of “Change” magazine.

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