LED Grow Lights used in Leafy Green Trials

Philips GreenPower Production Module LED Experiment with
Specialty Greens in Lafayette, CA

Lights: Philips GreenPower Production Modules Deep
Red/Blue 120cm

Objectives: 1.) Can a variety of greens (gourmet
lettuces, high nutrient greens and herbs) be grown under production LED lights
well enough and quickly enough to be commercially viable. The target is a 30
day cycle from seed to harvest.

2.) Would two lights per hydroponic unit (ez clone
cloner) achieve this goal or are three necessary?

Seeded: 9/15/13

Experiment under lights began: 9/26/13
Initial recommendation to hang lights 16-18” above plants produced
leggy and weak seedlings.  Lights
remounted above plants 7-8” Philips GreenPower Production Modules are being run
14 hours/day.  Ambient room temperature
ranges from 70 degrees during the night to 85 degrees during the day. The
nutrient used is DynaGrow at a dilution of 1/2 teaspoon per gallon so about 5-6
teaspoons per cloner. ProTect, an auxiliary nutrient, was used at the same
dilution. An ArtDne recycling timer is being used 24 hours per day at a rate of
1 minute on for every 5 minutes off. There will be one nutrient change during
the experiment after approximately two weeks to refresh the set up and new
nutrient will be applied at the dilution described above.
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Here are some photos taken of the Experiment on 9/26/13

Experiment information provided by Patty Phaneuf from Specialty Greens, and Posted by Maria Luitjohan from Hort Americas.
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