New Horticultural Video Series in Development

Hort Americas has been extremely busy leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.  And lets just say its the good busy, the fun busy!

Last night we shot our first video which will ultimately become a series of educational and information videos geared towards the commercial horticulture and hydroponic industry.  The first video will focus in on the Philips GreenPower LED Production Module and its possible application in the production of ornamental and hydroponic crops.

The New Videos will focus on LED Grow Lights and will star Ms. Abigail Herring!

Hort Americas is also and excited and proud to be working with many of the industry’s top editors.  We are dedicated and focused on helping to build the industry, which makes us thankful (since it is Thanksgiving) for the work of individuals like Annie White of Ball Publishing.  See a sample of Annie’s work here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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