Updated: LED Grow Lights used in Leafy Green Trials

Specialty Greens
experiment is going well. In the first eight-ten days, Specialty Greens saw
little difference between the LED lights and the T-5 lights, but as we
approached the two week mark Specialty Greens began to see significant differences,
as seen in the photos. There does not seem to be an appreciable difference
between the two LED light set up and the three light set up. The main
difference I am noticing is that there is a bit less color in the leaves of
lettuce produced under the LED lights. There is however, amazing growth and in
looking at the photos of the Mizuna leaves, it’s clear that as a commercial
grower, Specialty Greens could get two, possibly three harvests out in 30 days.
Overall, everything is growing well and if were it not for this experiment, Specialty Greens
would have pulled some of the crops a week ago (e.g., kale, mizuna, some
Chard under Two LEDs
Chard under Three LEDs
Specialty Greens also decided to compare Hort
Americas LEDs to T-5 lights. In these photos Specialty Greens tried to show the
visible difference between the plants grown under the LED lights (in each photo
they are the larger plants) vs growing under T-5 lights and the incredible
difference between the small (background) and large (foreground) Mizuna leaves
Mizuna grown under LEDs on Left, T-5’s on right
Mizuna grown under LEDs on Left, T-5’s on right

Also showing the difference in Chard growing under LED
lights (left) vs T-5 lights. (right)

Experiment information provided by Patty Phaneuf from Specialty Greens, and Posted by Maria Luitjohan from Hort Americas.
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