Calling CEA Enthusiasts

Experienced growers are in demand, and you can accelerate your indoor and greenhouse growing know-how at the University of Arizona Controlled Environmental Agriculture Center [UofA-CEAC] in Tucson, Arizona from June 5th – 12th, 2017 at our Hydroponic Crop Intensive Workshops.

Grab a vine and swing into the CEAC Greenhouses for what that the industry considers “a critical service in training tomorrow’s greenhouse experts [that] no other university within the USA can provide the same quality and expertise of service” – Wadsworth Controls.  This is the last opportunity in 2017 to attend both courses back-to-back to optimize your time away from home and increase your grower know-how under the direction of our hydroponic research specialists.

CEAC Intensive Workshops are intended for growers looking to quickly advance their skills as they relate to hydroponic tomato and lettuce cultivation.  These multiple day events feature over a semester’s worth of real university course content, hands-on work in the greenhouse, useful agenda items such as an engineering roundtable discussion, face-to-face time with experts on your special questions, and networking time with personal follow-ups.

 Why CEAC’s Hydroponic Intensive Workshops?

  • Education immediately meets application – CEAC’s unique facilities support a quality learning experience, where knowledge from classroom lectures is immediately applied in the greenhouse.
  • Substantial time for immersion – The length and thoroughness of CEAC intensive workshop is unmatched.  Tomato Intensive includes 4 ½ days & Lettuce Intensive includes 3 ½ days of instruction and training.
  • Experience yields efficiency – CEAC Intensive Workshops have been around for 10 years.  We’ve constantly improved the content and its delivery, based on feedback, in order to more effectively disseminate knowledge. With a database of 100’s of common questions and strategic delivery of content, we’re likely to address your questions naturally throughout the course.  In addition, the limited class size offers the opportunity to address some questions more specific to your operation.
  • Bigger questions?  Better answers! – Between the instructors, supporting faculty, and members of the Round-Table Greenhouse Design discussion, you can pick our specialist’s brains and pull from their tens of thousands of hours of real-life experience with hydroponic growing systems.

Registration is open but space is limited.  Reserve yours now and take advantage of savings when you register for the combined workshops!

More information on the course, instructors, registration, designated lodging, and a list of topics covered can be found on the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center’s website here: