Hydroponic Crop Consulting Services

Expert advice to help you navigate the complexities and technologies of hydroponic farming

With an emphasis on leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and strawberries, the Hort Americas consulting team can guide you through all aspects of your hydroponic farming journey. 

We’re here with expert insight to help you, whether you have technical questions or production challenges, or need to optimize your crop’s nutrition.

Technical Questions and Answers

From the basics of setting up your hydroponic system to advanced cultivation techniques, we have you covered. We minimize your guesswork to ensure your hydroponic farm operates efficiently.

“Since 2016 we have designed and built plug-and-play indoor vertical farms from container farms to customized large-scale projects, helping new and established growers before farming and optimizing their ongoing production. We’ve been working with Hort Americas for a couple of years, taking courses, and giving live training programs together, they’ve given us growing feedback and we added a specialized training program to our products to help new growers dominate indoor growing. The training courses they offer are well designed, with updated information, and given by professionals that dominate the technical concepts of a wide range of crops. A serious and professional company with great people!”

— Verde Compacto

Troubleshooting Production Problems

Encounter fewer setbacks between seeding and harvesting, as we help you identify and address issues to keep your production on track. You benefit from reduced downtime and improved crop yield through our targeted troubleshooting support.

Nutritional Advice

Unlock the full potential of your crops. From crafting the perfect fertilizer recipe to analyzing lab reports for nutrient and leaf analysis, our guidance ensures your plants receive the precise nourishment they need.

“We are Origeen Greener Cities, a startup based in Mexico that is revolutionizing urban agriculture with our innovative and versatile system called VPOT that is made entirely from recycled plastics, making it a sustainable option for vertical and indoor farming. It is suitable for both soil-based and hydroponic, and uses LED grow lamps from Hort Americas.
We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to Karla Garcia, the director of Hort Americas Mexico, who has been a key partner for our growth and success. Karla has provided us with valuable consulting and advice, based on her extensive knowledge and experience in the CEA industry. She has helped us to implement VPOT in different settings and she has also validated our system as a reliable and efficient way to grow fresh produce in limited spaces.
We highly recommend Karla and Hort Americas to anyone who is interested in vertical and indoor farming. They offer high-quality products and services, as well as courses, training, and personalized advice. They are the best in the industry! We are glad for their support.”

— Origeen Greener Cities

Custom Private Educational Courses

Enhance your team’s expertise with our custom educational courses, available in English and Spanish. Every hydroponic crop production course is tailored to your needs.

Consulting services are also available for: 

  • Designing greenhouses, irrigation systems, or systems related to hydroponics and greenhouse production. 
  • Marketing and branding strategies.

Hydroponic consulting fees are structured either per project or on an hourly rate. To get a quote, click the link below to tell us about your project and objectives. 

Email technicalservice@hortamericas.com for more information.