Rockwool is a commonly used substrate in greenhouse production. For growers wanting to benefit from improved root zone technology, Grodan makes a variety of sizes to help achieve maximum yield using minimal space.

Advantages of using rockwool in your facility include:

– 100% food-safe compliant.
– Offers excellent water retaining properties (extremely moisture retentive).
– Provides aeration for plant roots to ensure proper levels of oxygen throughout irrigation cycles.
– Can be recycled.
– Easy installation and cleanup within your facility.
– Roots are contained and protected throughout a plant’s life.
– Won’t break down within hydroponic systems, eliminating worries about clogged lines.
– Suitable for any stage of plant maturity. Kiem plugs are made for germination and then transplanted to a cube, which then gets moved to a slab. This makes transplanting simple within production.

Hort Americas has many rockwool options to accommodate your crop(s) and growing needs. Please contact us with any questions about our line of Grodan rockwool products.

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Showing all 8 results