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The Ultimate Thrips Management Resource Guide

Click here to read the guide for thrips management which is brought to you by CropTalk Media, CropWalk, and our Canadian Contingency, the Thripsters, Dr. Rose Buitenhuis, Dr. Sarah Jandricic, and Ashley Summerfield.

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Important Horticultural Links

Fresh Plaza (Independent news source for companies operating in the fruit and vegetable sector.)
PMA (Produce Marketing Association.)
CHiggins Consultancy (Consulting designed and geared towards horticultural companies.)
University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center
Hydroponic Services by Dr, Howard Resh
Hydroponic Tomato Production at the University of Arizona
Greenhouse Tomato FAQ from Mississippi University
Greenhouse Tomato Short Course at Mississippi State University
Nutrient Management in Recirculating Hydroponic Culture at Utah State University
Tomato Greenhouse Roadmap
Greenhouse & Processing Crops Research Center
Rutgers Tomato Production
Greenhouse Industry Roundtable of the Midwest
Cornell Environment Agriculture Center
The Vertical Farm
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Future Growing (A Hydroponic Growing Company offering supplies and service)
Gotham Greens (Bringing New Yorkers local, sustainable produce grown in the heart of NYC)
RUAF Foundation
Hobby Farms
Greenhouse Vegetable Consultants
Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture
Water Education Alliance, University of Florida
Horticultural Jobs
Virtual Grower
GreenQ - Improvement Center (GreenQ brings horticulture expertise to the industry incld practical research, education, crop consulting, project consulting, design and training.)
Vineland Research and Innovation Center (An internationally recognized center of horticultural research and innovation.)
Botany Agro R&D Facilities (Dutch Applied R&D Facility)
Flowers You Can Grow Indoors | A Guide To Hydroponics, Kemp Florist